CreActive International Open Film Festival (IOFF) :
Creactive International Open Film Festival (IOFF) is an initiative to explore the film with no border and it`s an independent film festival. International jury from different countries will score the films along with audiences online. If selected, entrants agree and understand, that their film shall screen in either or both, our live festival event and/or our online festival event that utilizes our virtual theater platform. Entrants also understand that through the virtual theater platform films cannot be copied, downloaded, or reproduced by any virtual theater attendee, nor can the html code of any film be used in or on any other site, and that each and every film is completely secure and safe from theft due to the technology of the virtual theater that is unique to our system and is unlike any other utilized by any online festival throughout the world.

Festival Director :
Md Ashraful Alam, whose penname/nickname is Ashraf Shishir, is a a national award winning Independent Motion Pictures and Film Professional, Script Writer, Poet, Story Writer, Human Rights Activists from Bangladesh. Educated in IT and law, he is the pioneer of the AECB film movement, a platform for the filmmakers to establish alternative show-case for better cinema with more than 20,000 members. His latest work includes The Cart  [GAARIWALA] 2014 (Script and direction, Recipient of prestigious Grant from the Govt. of Bangladesh and selected in more than 75 International Film Festivals in 24 Countries and won 25 Best Awards from India, Chile, Italy, Spain and USA and 1 National Award), The Cage Bird, 2012 ( Director, documentary nominated in more than 12 International Film Festivals in 10 countries and Winner in USA). Published four books. Education: Masters in International Human Rights Law.

Film by Ashraf Shishir

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